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Dennis Poon

Hello! I'm a software developer plying the trade in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Over the last few years, I've been living the startup life, which has been about equal parts rewarding, challenging, and frustrating :) On the developer spectrum, I lean more towards the product design and management side of things.

I enjoy the challenge in creating an appropriate abstraction for a problem domain and translating that model into an interface - visual, programmatic or otherwise.

I also get a weird kick out of writing user documentation - it can actually be a lot of fun when you're afforded the time and space to do it.

Other than what's written on the blog, I've got a bit of stuff on my GitHub account and also on the Stash page.

Drop me a line at mobileteashop [AT] gmail.com.

Mobile... Teashop?

The "mobile" comes from the Japanese term kidou, roughly meaning (military) maneuverability. It wasn't intended to imply "mobile" in the phone/device sense, but ended up being coincidentally prescient :)

The "teashop" is derived from my onetime beverage of choice. I've long been corrupted by years of working and co-workers into much more of a coffee person, but "mobilecoffeeshop" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

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