Dennis Poon's blog and ersatz portfolio.

The Stash

A few samples of work/projects that I've done:

Web Design

Admeris Payment Systems Corporate Website

Responsible for design, graphics, information architecture, copywriting, WordPress customization.

Built with: HTML4 and CSS2 (with a smattering of CSS3), jQuery, Wordpress

JavaScript and HTML5

ATBattler: real-time battle engine over WebSockets

An implementation of a mid-late 1990's "Active-Time Battle" engine, built with HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, and WebSockets.

Built with: HTML5 and CSS3, Canvas (EaselJS), WebSockets, jQuery, Node.js

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API Design and Documentation

SALT Technology API Reference and Guides

Formerly Admeris Payment Systems, SALT Technology provides a full-featured payment gateway allowing merchants to accept payments online. I've been the keeper of the payment gateway API from inception to the current version.

  • HTTP POST parameter-value based API, initial release circa. 2008.
  • Authored integration guide, providing in-depth API and domain topic information.
  • Managed API feature expansion and backwards compatability.
  • Currently building out the SALT Developer Center.

Logo Design